High Hopes, Low Expectations

Artist :
Title : High Hopes, Low Expectations...
Release Date : December 24, 2019
Label :
Catalog ref. : DK UPC: 194997145551
Format : Digital Download

There were many songs we had either halfway baked or recorded as a throw-away scratch track but something told us to tuck some of the riffs away in a folder labeled “perhaps” for later use. Well, later turned into much later as in years and life took over only allowing us to get into the studio a few times a month. We slowly began to write all new songs and collaborate via the interwebs when the muse was gracious enough to tug at our beards to get us moving. The muse would leave just a quick as she came and we would end up at the bar talking about how bad we suck. We were desperate for the muse to return and when she didn’t, we summonsed her by going back to the “Perhaps” folder and opening it up to see what we could use. BANG, she came out like a dybbuk box haunting and this album came to be….Thanks for listening and please share!