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dlt Productions has been an evolving “thing” for over 15 years now. It started in our parents basement and soon took to the streets of New Hampshire and Boston. The music is what it's all about, whether good or bad, polished or just a demo, it is all showcased here free for you to enjoy and share.

With that said, we have found ourselves fortunate to have landed on this current timeline in technology where a kid can write, record, mix, master, sell, distribute, promote and create a buzz all within his bedroom using a laptop, the right software and an internet connection. Jim Morrison said it best when asked in a television interview in the late 60’s. “Mr. Morrison, where do you see the future of music?”, his response - “I see machines, one person, making music with machines.” That person is us and that machine is the one you are reading this on now. Mr. Mojo Risin was tied down and confined to record labels and the need to "appeal" to "make it" in the industry in order to get their music to the masses. NOT US!

Our homegrown digital musical journey started when bandwidth would barley allow a 5MB mp3 to stream without buffering 20 times. Now with bandwidth doubling what seems like twice a month, we are all well on our way to "making it", if we dont get lost in the crowd. So get out your machines, put the world away and get to it.

"If you don't have the tools or need a place to record and your music fits our vibe, .....we will work for beer!"